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The big pin hole camera

To all of us who are interested in photography in certain moment we discover the beauty of the simple or of the technology that was the basis for capturing images.

The big pinhole camera

One of these technologies was the camera obscura or also known as a pinhole camera.

With a simple box and a little hole you can repeat the photograph how he did it Muybridge but unfortunately, few of us can't get the chemicals to sensitize glass, as was done in the old days. Is plus, in some places we can't even get the rolls analog photographic.

So why not make a pinhole camera that allows us to insert our phone into it and take photos of what a pinhole camera sees.

The big pinhole camera schematic

For this we will need a large box, I used a box of eggs (360), two cardboard tubes one smaller that can fit into the first tube and inside it a magnifying glass.

At the base where I connect the main tube to the box I make a big hole and on top of it an aluminum foil to which I make another hole but with a needle, paper is used aluminum so that the edges of the hole are clean, it is say if I do it directly on the cardboard there are some left "hairs" of the cardboard fiber that can be reached see in the photograph.

The magnifying glass and the two tubes help us to focus the scene, whether the object is near or far.

Here is a photo I took with this camera and my cell phone, unfortunately I lost the others for not backing up my hard drive (have you done your backup yet?).

The big pinhole camera

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