Homemade telegraph micro sounder

I love tin cans and electromechanic telegraph, so why not made a "microsounder" telegraph in a Altoids tin can?.

For this i use a 5 volts relay, cut off the plastic orange box and add a pcb:

Picture with vibroplex telegraph key, relay and altoids tin

Picture with open
I cut off part of the orange relay body.

Picture with relay open and little piece of pcb Cut a little piece of pcb (arm) for solder over the relay contact for increse the sound.

Picture with relay and little piece solder over the altoids can Micro sounder solded.

Picture with the microsounder almost finished Add another pcb for solder wire for distance control for the arm, and solder pins for connect line and vibroplex key.

Picture of the telegraph microsounder finished into altoids can Telegraph micro sounder finished.

Picture of the telegraph microsounder into altoids can closed Telegraph micro sounder closed. Ready to go :D


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