DIY Backpack pirate fm

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Backpack pirate fm schematic

The dream of every pirate broadcasting enthusiast, a stereo FM transmitter with thousands of songs. And all transported in a backpack.

Fm transmitter for car

For this I used a transmitter for the car, I removed the casing, I removed the voltage regulator that I replaced with a micro-sd connector module to be able to use the transmitter with a powerbank.

5 volts regulator

The motherboard of the transmitter has pins for a 5 volt regulated voltage and an antenna connector. As an antenna I used a 85 cm cable. approx.

Microsd connector

I installed the motherboard of the transmitter and the micro SD connector module inside a can of altoids.

Backpack fm pirate transmitter inside altoids tin

To store the music I used the micro SD card, plus I recorded some IDs of my radio station.

The coverage range is 200 meters approx. With a 1000 Mah powerbank the transmitter works 4 continuous hours.


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